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Website | (954) 733-2552
3915 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac, FL 33309, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 3915 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac, FL 33309, USA
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Your neighborhood CVS Pharmacy, open for business at 3915 West Commercial Boulevard, is conveniently located in the center of town, providing easy access to quick refreshments and household items in Tamarac. The West Commercial Boulevard store offers grocery goods, prescription refills, beauty products, and first aid and healthcare necessities all under one roof.

It's wonderful to buy all the household and healthcare products you need in one location, but it's also beneficial to find what you want at low prices. The Tamarac CVS Pharmacy is the destination for deals on the things you use regularly. Want to see more deals?Enroll in an ExtraCareÆ Membership and earn ExtraCareÆ Rewards on qualified products. You'll also be added to the CVS Pharmacy email list and we'll send you special offers, personalized coupons, and sales notifications.

West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy has established itself as an involved member of the Tamarac neighborhood. We are recognized as a useful place to go for common products that people can find and buy quickly. The drive-thru pharmacy at the Tamarac CVS Pharmacy is a convenient way to pick up your meds without looking for a place to park.

Shop for cosmetics, personal care items, vitamins, and various other products any time of day or night at this 24-hour store. Buying the essential goods you need couldn't be easier.

This CVS Pharmacy is the place to go to get groceries, prescription medicine, and more in Tamarac. Buy everything you'll need to make it through the week without setting foot outside your neighborhood. The Commercial B/Us 441 transit station is just a short walk from the West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy, so even if you don't have another means of transportation you can still get what you need. All you have to do is get on and off to shop, and get back on to return home.

Is West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy a UPS Access Point?

No, UPS package pickup and drop-off in Tamarac is not offered at West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy, but West Oakland Park Boulevard CVS Pharmacy located about 2 miles away is a UPS access point.

How much is a flu shot at CVS?

Free flu shots in Tamarac are available to those with medical insurance or through Medicare Part B. Without medical insurance or Medicare shots will cost you $106.99 for a senior dose vaccine, or $62.99 - $106.99 for a seasonal vaccine. West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy has flu shots to help you get through the season.

Does CVS take EBT?

Yes, the West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy accepts EBT. Purchase food at this location with your Tamarac SNAP EBT card.

Does West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy do photo developing?

Yes, get your photos developed in Tamarac at the West Commercial Boulevard CVS Pharmacy. This location develops all types of film, disposable cameras, and negatives on high-quality photo paper. Developing a disposable camera or 35mm film takes between 7 and 10 days, and developing black and white film, APS, 110 film, or slides takes about 3 weeks.

Google Rating: 2.6 out of 5 stars (111 total ratings)

1 Star
Poor customer service can be a significant source of frustration and inconvenience, wasting valuable time and leaving customers feeling dissatisfied and unappreciated. When companies fail to prioritize effective customer service, it reflects poorly on their reputation and undermines customer trust and loyalty. Recently, I experienced firsthand the consequences of inadequate customer service at a pharmacy, and the experience was nothing short of disappointing. From prolonged wait times to unresponsive and unhelpful staff, every interaction seemed to compound the frustration. In a professional setting where efficiency and reliability are paramount, such shortcomings are simply unacceptable. Not only did this experience waste my time, but it also left me questioning the competence and commitment of the pharmacy to meet the needs of its customers. In today's competitive business landscape, exceptional customer service is not merely a luxury but a necessity for success. Regrettably, this pharmacy failed to meet even the most basic standards of service excellence, and as a result, I cannot in good conscience recommend their services to others. It is my hope that they take this feedback seriously and strive to improve their customer service practices for the betterment of both their reputation and the satisfaction of their clientele.
Tuesday 5th March 2024
Eudoxie Cedieu
1 Star
This CVS is the worse place for someone to order medicine. The workers are careless and they lost my mother's prescription. Somehow I still received a text message saying that the medication is ready, when I reached the pharmacy to my greatest surprise Jay (the worker at drive-thru) told me the never received the prescription. I asked him to explain because I personally dropped off the prescription days ago and the lady (drive-thru worker) told it would be ready soon and have nice day. Couple days later Jay is telling me stories. I was understanding enough and called my mom's Dr and requested another prescription which was emailed to the pharmacy asap. I asked Jay to please check the system and see if he received the prescription. Jay looked at me with a disgusted and annoyed look, I said young man I am paying customer who's mother's prescription your pharmacy lost, do not give me this look. He put the phone down and through the window he could see my face transforming; he picked up the phone. I asked him to check the system again, he did and said the prescription is here but I should come back in 2 hrs. I said I need the medication now and it's not my fault they lost the prescription. He replied "move, so the people behind you can be served". I thought no, because what if someone else is going through the same neglect/ Carelessness. I told Jay to call his manager, he did. I told the manager what happened and the AUDACITY to tell that he doesn't care that I have other things to do and it's my business. I replied "exactly, it's my business and I need to handle it". I told to go get the medication so I can get out of their drive-thru. After a whole back and forth he finally give the medication. I spent 50 minutes at pharmacy when I should've only spent 5-10 minutes only because these employees are out here losing medication. This is a pharmacy and people need medication help them get better from sickness. Just like they are losing prescriptions who knows what other mistakes they're making. These employees are TERRIBLE, THE WORST EVER.
Saturday 4th May 2024
5 Star
The store itself is very clean and organized. But the main draw, and the reason you should, in my opinion, choose to patronize this location over others is the incredibly helpful and friendly staff. Particularly noteworthy is Will, who provides exemplary customer service, a skill that seems to his natural forte based on my observing his interactions with many customers and vendors. And his customer-first attitude is certainly a reflection of management, who were proactive in helping customers.
Sunday 31st December 2023
JulioCesar Mendoza
5 Star
People here are very gentle. Good drugstore
Saturday 6th April 2024
Denisse Berrios
5 Star
Abdallah, the new pharmacy manager is the only reason I return. He’s the most caring and dedicated professional on the team.
Saturday 13th January 2024